About Progressive Partnering, Inc (P²)

Founded in 1997 by 4 non-profit one call organizations, has grown to include 11 one call notification centers working together to envision and create their own future.

is owned by four non-profit one-call organizations. We have created an advanced one-call system operating platform, and a new kind of organization.

offers a true partnership, not just a product or service. Our partners have the opportunity to develop their own future – which is not found in a traditional relationship with ordinary one-call software vendors.

alone offers you the security of a long-term relationship with the Boards and Executives of:

One call professionals look for a system partner that understands one call, and has the stability, financial and otherwise, to provide long term support.   has the substance to reassure; our owner and partner centers represent:

  • Over 100 years of one call executive leadership;
  • Over 10,000 facility owner / operator members;
  • 2018 Inbound Volume: over 8 million locate requests; and
  • 2018 Outbound Tickets: over 40 million;
  • Our software platform, GeoCall, processed over 25% of all US locate requests in 2018!

The value of our partnership is apparent: we look forward to helping you build your future.

Partnership – we say it and we mean it.